Sterling and Various Metal Salts

(Yes, they ALL need a good polishing!)


Silver plate oval in Colonial style handles, with fluted rim and vertical rib sides.
4 x 1 3/4″ and 2″ high
Shield, EPNS, A.J.B., English?
Item #MTL-001

Melon style bowl creates a scalloped rim. May have had a pedestal base.
1 5/8″ diam and 7/8″ high
PRIETO 925, Mexico?
$5.00 USD
Item #MTL-004

Scallop like flat rim on three-legged bowl.
2″ diam and 1 1/2″ high
Item #MTL-006

Round, flat-bottomed frame with attractive lattice work around top. Missing  liner.
2 1/4″ diam and 1 3/8″ high
EPNS, N99, Made in England
Item #MTL-007

Pewter salt with fine line around outer rim.
1 3/4″ diam and 3/4″ high
Selangor Pewter, Milaysia
Item #MTL-008

Sterling bowl with lower “banded” base. Fine rolled rim.
1 5/8″ diam and 3/4″ high
RW (deer/antlers), Sterling #26
Item #MTL-010

Round bowl with fluted ruffly rim. Flat base.
2 1/4″ diam and 7/8″ high
Shield/Rogers Smith, Meriden Quadruple…, c 1900
Item #MTL-011

Sterling round bowl with flared rim. Foliage images softly scribed into upper outer rim. Small “split” at rim edge. “Tub” sits atop three ball feet.
1 5/8″ diam and 1 1/16″ high
HIM/84, Russian, pre 19177
Item #MTL-012

Shallow dish with vertical melon vertical ribbing on sides, with a “beaded/cable” rim.
2 3/4″ diam and 5/8″ high
No marks.
Item #MTL-013

Sterling bowl with slightly flared rolled rim.
1 1/2″ diam and 5/8″ high
Sterling, Co/EP
Item #MTL-014

Sterling bowl with flared out rim.
1 1/4″ diam and 5/8″ high
Sterling, M/crown
Item #MTL-015

Round bowl with wide flat deep scallop rim.
3″ diam and 3/4″ high
Shield/GH, 0900
Item #MTL-018

Mid size bowl with protruding outer shoulder, rim groove.
2 1/4″ diam and 1″ high
8306/61 embossed on base.
Item #MTL-016

Bulging bowl atop a ringed column and footed deep-inset base. Circle cap on side of bowl with NKK monogram on one side. Other side of bowl: GLEAM/2-ETT/PR. JAETPROVE/FOSHEIM/SETER, 1913
2 1/4″ diam and 1 3/4″ high
Hallmarks, D.A., pitchfork, c 1913
Item #MTL-019

Shallow bowl with outer curve in shape, atop a thin base. Plated silver.
2 1/4″diam and 1/2″ high
No marks.
Item #MTL-020

Round bowl, flared rim. Three curved legs with paw feet and lion head tops. Interior pitted.
2 1/4″diam and 1 1/4″ high
No marks.
Item #MTL-022

Bulging bowl with flared rim, beaded edge. Sits atop three ball-footed legs. Interior pitted.
1 3/4″diam and 1 1/4″ high
No marks.
$5.00 USD
Item #MTL-023

Oval shaped deep bowl with end handles in Colonial style. Vertical ribbing on lower outsides, shoulder curves in to flared rim.
1 1/2 x 3 1/4″ and 1 1/2″ high
Item #MTL-024

Deep cupped “veined leaf” round bowl with ruffled rim and four ball feet. Interior pitted a bit. Considered scarce.
2 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ high
MSC/Rampart Lion, 048, c 1896
Item #MTL-025

Plated silver, porridge style bowl. Open handles at each end with applied shell motif.
3 7/8″ across handles and 3/4″ high
Shield/crossed picks, 0900.
Item #MTL-026