As of April 14, 2016
NO salts are available until further notice. NO PayPal orders!
Inventory has been packed and ready for shipping to new home!


SALTS and Antiques for Sale

(Site under development, many more salts to be added!)


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I am selling my 50+ years personal collection of antique and vintage salt cellars. Below, you will find salts for sale listed in general categories. Please feel free to browse, make your selections and conveniently pay via PayPal.

NOTICE: as of April 14, 2016, NO salts are available until further notice. No PayPal orders!
(I’m packing and moving…salts all packed and ready to move!)

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I am happy to discuss individual and/or group purchases. Information and photos are as accurate and detailed as possible. Prices reflect rarity and condition. If you desire additional information and/or photos, please email me. Shipping is Priority (with tracking number included), the amount is based upon the total of your purchase and will be reflected in your PayPal cart at check out. You can use your PayPal account or your credit card. My PayPal account will take both. Other options are available. Please discuss with me. All Sales Final.

Anita Lyte Williams