Glass with Metal Combinations


Outstanding piece. Glass “thistle” with diamond point patterning on sides and vertical rib on wide flared rim. Beneath the bowl is a glass ‘peg’ that inserts into the metal leaf frame, fitting secure.
4 1/2″ long and 2 1/2″ high
Item #MXG-001

Hex faceted clear bowl atop scroll-like lacy metal base.
2 1/2″ diam and 1 1/4″ high
Item #MXG-002

Salmon pink hex shoulder salt with lower vertical ribbing. Rayed base. Metal under base is ruffled scallops with patterned dotted segments.
3″ diam and 7/8″ high
EPNS, est c 1920
Item #MXG-003

Salmon pink hex shoulder salt with lower vertical ribbing. Rayed base. Metal three-legged frame with curvy handle.
2 1/2″ diam and 3″ high
EPNS, est c 1900-10
Item #MXG-004

Clear liner in sterling openwork pedestal frame.
1 3/4″ diam and 1 5/8″ high
Silver, Mexico
Item #MXG-005

Rectangle tub with cobalt liner. Flat decorated rim, curved corners. Four paw feet with lion heads legs.
3 x 4″ and 1 1/2″ high
Silver Plate Hallmarks, c 1890-1900
Item #MXG-006

Six-sided glass salt in metal frame with lattice siding. Vertical ribbing on salt, creating squares in base.
1 3/4″ diam and 3/4″ high
No marks.
Item #MXG-007

Tiny faceted glass bowls sit inside French enameled metal flat ring frames, atop three ball feet.
1 7/8″ diam and 7/8″ high
No marks.
REDUCED! $150.00 USD / set of four with spoons
Item #MXG-008 (set)
REDUCED! (or $45 each, your choice)
Item #MXG-008a
Item #MXG-008b
Item #MXG-008c
Item #MXG-008d

Round, bulging sides salt atop three splayed legs. Rippled flared rim and cobalt liner.
2 1/2″ diam and 1 1/2″ high
Hallmarks? RP, crossed picks, EP 136
Item #MXG-009

Footed metal frame with cobalt liner. Vertical ribbing on frame with openwork design at top.
2 1/8″ diam and 1 1/2″ high
Raimond Silverplate
Item #MXG-010

Grouping of four similar glass salts in lacy silver plate metal liners.
1 5/8″ diam and 3/4″ high
Some marks
REDUCED! $18.00 USD / group of four
Item #MXG-011

Cut glass bowl-like salt on pedestal footed base. Silver rim cuff.
2″ diam and 1 5/8″ high
Hallmarks on rim.
Item #MXG-013

Classic cut glass bowl with rayed base and sterling rim.
2″ diam and 1″ high
Sterling, M.Frank Whiting, c 1920
Item #MXG-014

Round bulging bowl with cut branching motif around, with silver rim. Rayed base.
2 5/8″ diam and 1 1/2″ high
Hallmarks on rim with three shields.
Item #MXG-015

Round salt with sterling rim cuff. Paneled pedestal base with  pointed star. Cut swags and stars around bowl.
2″ diam and 1 3/8″ high
Hallmarks: C E W, crossed arms, lion, London, England, c 1906
Item #MXG-018

All over cane and diamond cut. Four peg-like legs. Rim needs repair.
2″ diam and 1 1/4″ high
Hallmarks: D L, lion, S
$10.00 USD
Item #MXG-019

Round bowl with alternating panels of fine and larger diamond patterning. Sterling applied rim. Clear base.
2″ diam and 1″ high
Hallmarks, GEW, Bermingham, England, c 1910
Item #MXG-016

Round cylinder metal salt with flared base. Three rings around side. Blue ceramic liner. Open base in frame.
1 3/4″ diam and 1 1/2″ high
Item #MXG-017