Beautiful shaker in “bisque” with rick gold decorations. Minor chip at opening in base. No cork.
—” diam and —” high
$35.00 USD
Item #SHK-001

Cobalt shaker with metal top.
1 1/8″ diam and 2″ high
$15.00 USD
Item #SHK-002

Sterling silver shaker with bulging sides, flat bottom.
1 1/8″ diam and 1 5/8″ high
Sterling, 55
$15.00 USD
Item #SHK-003

Tiny glass shaker with etched sprigs around sides and silver top.
1″ diam and 1 1/2″ high
No marks.
$7.00 USD
Item #SHK-004

Cut glass shaker, cut panels and cross sectioning;  with beautiful finial silver top.
1 1/2″ diam and 3″ high
No marks.
$12.00 USD
Item #SHK-005

Two companion shakers, almost identical. Cut glass in very similar patterning.
1″ diam and 2 1/4″ high
No marks.
$15.00 USD / set of two
Item #SHK-006